Online Islamophobia in Australia

By: Albert Mestre

By: Albert Mestre

Islamophobia is a global phenomena, but what shape does it take locally?

Recently, a Sydney Muslim girl was photographed without her consent while she was at her place of employment. The photo was uploaded onto one of the Australian Defence League’s Facebook pages where comments of a religiously vilifying nature were made in abundance.

As she and her legal advocate worked to have the photograph removed, they found out just how difficult it could be to tackle Islamophobia on social media.

Tasnim and Zeynab speak to academic Dr Yassir Morsi about the definitions of Islamophobia and its local Australian “flavour”. They also chat to solicitor Lydia Shelly about the practical steps that can be taken to address similar situations of online Islamophobia, and the legal avenues available to respond to it at both a state and federal level.


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