Why Poetry?

By: Alex Cheek

By: Alex Cheek

Mexican-American poet and self-titled social entrepreneur Mark Gonzales was in town this week, speaking at a variety of events and performing at the Bankstown Poetry Slam.

Nav went straight to the heart of action in Bankstown to bring you a package peppered with inspiring snippets of Gonzales’ speech and the varied perspectives of Western Sydney’s up-and-coming Spoken Word poet responding to Nav’s question, “Why poetry?”



One thought on “Why Poetry?

  1. if you guys want some real insights in poetry from inspired teachers, look no further than sh. hamza (may God be pleased with him).

    Brings forth the best from this European tradition we are living in and also from the Islam we have inherited.

    Will be 45 minutes of your life well spent, I assure you. Sue me if it isn’t, make du’a against me or something, because I’m actually that sure of how great Shaykh Hamza is. Peace be with you.

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