Religious Violence erupts in Sri Lanka

By: Dinuka Liyanawatte

By: Dinuka Liyanawatte

Riots broke out in Sri Lanka this week in what some media outlets are referring to as the “worst acts of religious violence in decades”. A hardline Buddhist group called “Bodu Bala Sena”, which translates to Buddhist Power Force, led a protest march on Sunday against the Muslim dominated towns of Aluthgama on Sunday, which then spilled over into Beruwela and Draga Nagar. The protest erupted in clashes that left at least 75 injured and three killed on the day, 16 houses gunned down and businesses firebombed.

Sadly, it hasn’t ended there and the Muslim population of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese-dominated South Coast have faced more injuries, deaths curfews and evacuations throughout the week.

Miran and Nav are joined in studio by Rafi Mubarak and Mohamed Fazli from the Austra Lanka Muslim Association, the representative body for Sri Lankan Muslims in Australia.


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