The Team

Mostafa RachwaniMostafa is a community project officer and Communications/Law student with a passion for journalism, old Islamic texts, Italian cuisine and Manchester United. The multi-coloured pants he is known for mask his more serious endeavours to provide avenues for Muslim youth to voice themselves.

Mostafa is prominently known as the man who coined the word “haqqster” to describe his odd mix of hipsterism and Islam. He prides himself on his knowledge of all things indie.


sajjMiran Hosny is a freelance journalist, editor and solicitor with an inexplicable obsession for cutlery usage and Austen-era propriety.

Frustrated that the only stations in Australia touching on issues of relevance to Muslim youth delivered in Arabic, she came up with idea of The Y Factor radio program and has been committed to it ever since.

Miran feels passionately about the transformation of Bananas in Pajamas into a bizarre cartoon format. She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her forefathers and hold a Banana Spring to bring back the Old Bananas.


zeynabZeynab Gamieldien is a Law/Social Inquiry graduate who works for the state government in a position too exciting to mention. (Really). She chews through approximately one book per week, thus single-handedly keeping Amazon afloat.

Zeynab enjoys travelling, reality TV, obscure art-house movies, eating various things and writing various things whilst eating. She is also a compulsive over-analyser, which feeds her almost permanent state of existential crises.

Luckily, she is able to channel these analytical tendencies into things other than midnight star-gazing, such as The Y Factor Radio Show.



Tasnim Saeid is a solicitor and community dreamer whose claim to fame is an ability to talk at the speed of light in four languages.

Tasnim’s Kurdish-Iranian, Iraqi-Arab and Sudanese backgrounds (it’s a long story) have led her to soul to search for meaning beyond territorial divides. She delivers long-winded rants about fixing the world to anyone willing to listen at 2am.

She has been with the Y Factor since its inception and is told she is not eligible for parole anytime soon.


JamelJamel Rathborne is described as a free spirit floating through life. He’s creative by nature and a marketing (genius) by trade. He escapes everyday norms by traveling, eating, reading, eating, meeting new people, eating, video gaming, eating and spending time with family and friends.

Jamel belongs to a group known as the BrokeBack Barbarians, a bunch of grown, often overweight, nerdy gamers-turned-role-players who create stories in their collective imaginations in an imaginary world. IT’S AWESOME, ALRIGHT!

When not in the imaginary realms, Jamel can be found impersonating characters and cracking jokes on The Y Factor.


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